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Web Design

We specialise in fast, affordable service and crisp professional web design at an unusually reasonable cost. We make each site from scratch with no commercial clipart or templates - your site will be unique.

Web Design 4u has been checked and approved as a member of the UK Web Design Association - when you deal with us you have their guarantee of professional web design and development standards.

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On Site Training

When you have a web site you may wish to train one or two of your staff to make simple changes to text based content. We offer Training Days at your workplace for your convenience. If you have staff with reasonable IT experience it usually takes very few hours for them to be able to make small changes to your web site. (for price guide please click here)
Logo Design

A company logo helps you to create a positive first impression. A central tool for branding, a good logo conveys the company's philosophy, values, and directions.

We will need to know your marketing field, your company's philosophy and strategy in order to personalise the logo design and portray your company's ethos.. (for price guide please click here)


Although we will build you a 'spash' page of animated design for your site intro if that is what you want, we really prefer to use animation more subtly to provide sophisticated interaction whilst keeping the file sizes low and optimising your site for search engines.

Search engines 'see' no graphics so we have found that a 'mix and match' approach with text and images works best for promotional purposes. The top left heading on this page is a Flash animation but the text links at the top right hand side make it possible for search engines to follow web site links. (for price guide please click here)


With thousands of web sites on the internet, you need a way to make make your site stand out in a crowd. A popular form of web site advertising is banner ads. Intended to get customers’ attention, a distinctive (often animated) banner design can make an impact.

Domain registration
You can buy most TLD's (Top Level Domain name) for £30.00 - £60.00 for 2 years depending on suffix. Search engines will automatically list TLD's before subdomains (*2nd and 3rd level domain names). We can register a domain for you with reliable registrants at the most economic cost. Your domain is - www.yourcompany.com / .co.uk / .net etc. You can have many email addresses at your company - (eg fred@flintstones.com / homer@simpsons.org / rider@ducati.co.uk)
Domain hosting
To use your TLD (Top Level Domain name) you will need reliable web hosting services to keep and build your customer base. We use UK based hosting  using providers who give a Service Level Agreement. All our clients will have the option of a free .co.uk domain when hosting with us. Our clients also get a name and telephone number to contact with questions rather than purely electronic services which may sometimes be rather less receptive to your queries!
Free hosting
We can help you onto the Internet at prices that you can afford. Some Internet Service Providers allow you free email + web space ( Virgin Net, BT Internet etc but this usually comes with advertising). Your web site address is:- www.yourcompany.virgin.net  etc. Your email address is *you@yourcompany.fsnet.co.uk / homer@simpsons.virgin.net etc
Web & email redirection
Some registrants allow web and email redirection either free or for a small annual fee. In essence this means that when someone calls www.yourcompany.com in a browser they are redirected by the server to www.yourcompany.virgin.net   without it being obvious. This is an economical option for a company site but does not overcome the listing limitations of 2nd/3rd level domains in search engines.
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